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Why should I purchase 20 IG hears and who would usually need that? 

When you pay for fast, instant 20 real Instagram likes, you elevate the visibility of your profile. Buying cheap likes can be useful regardless of what level your account is at. From influencers to business people, to accounts just getting started, many people buy a like or two on Instagram.

The reason largely has to do with how Insta operates. Instagram photos that have lots of engagement are prioritized by the platform, gaining more visibility. In other words, anyone that wants to gain more traction with Instagram’s algorithm may find luck when they purchase likes. Get 20 likes on Instagram, and watch your traffic grow!

What do I do to complete my transaction?

The question is never if, but how to buy more engagement. The best place to buy more activity will implement a slow, staggered delivery cycle to your picture posts.

The actual purchase process is quick and simple. Once the package on the website has been paid for, delivery quickly arrives on the specified posts. 20 hearts come from real accounts and can be sent anywhere from USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Additionally, users have the option to spread their order out. For example, when you purchase twenty hearts, you may split them between different photos if you prefer.

Are there any risks associated with the purchase?

Purchasing 20 real Instagram likes is as safe as the online source you buy from. A high-quality service that utilizes active likers to bring activity to your account will not create red flags.

Products purchased from our website feature several layers of protection. Because we use real accounts, you will not run the risk of punishment from Instagram.

We also take our customer’s security seriously.

  • No personal information is required.
  • All payments are completely secure when you buy 20 likes on Instagram.

Why should you choose HotDot.pro?

Likes at HotDot.pro benefit from affordable, small-batch deliveries that come from real sources. Competitors tend to offer larger quantities of bot-generated interactions.

While some users appreciate the ability to buy likes in mass, the benefits won’t be felt for long. Bot-generated activity runs the risk of drawing suspicion from Instagram. Our service also has the benefit of being more affordable than most competitors. Consequently, we are a great resource to help launch your Instagram empire.

How much will I spend on 20 likes?

We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the best price on the market. Presently, our twenty units package costs xxx.

Not only is our product more affordable than what is offered by our competitors, but it also offers more value. By supplying customers with high-quality engagements, we help them make lasting visibility progress.

What steps do I have to take?

Customers that wish to buy likes for Instagram can complete their purchase in several simple steps. Once you have chosen how many you wish, simply input a compatible payment method, tell us what account (or posts) to send the order to, and wait.

It’s that simple! Your orders begin to show up over time and will arrive in staggered doses to appear organic.


Will I get in trouble with Instagram?

Buying engagements can result in penalties from Instagram when it is detected. However, all our products are delivered naturally to avoid detection and ensure safety.

Will I get banned?

Penalties associated with paying for activity vary based on the severity of the offense. Instagram has no stated policy pertaining to all cases. That said, our feedback is delivered safely without any possible detection from the IG.

How soon can I get my order?

Once you buy 20 Instagram likes, delivery is immediate. We do stagger our deliveries to make sure the order appears natural. However, you will start seeing them on your account soon after purchase.

How do I know my purchase won’t disappear?

The IG likes you buy from us are no different than any others. They come from real accounts, and will stay on your account for as long as you keep the post up. We also provide a 30-days guarantee for your order.

What I don't like about the sites like this is that you usually have to sign up, register and it takes soo much time that you decide not to use it. But HotDot.pro is super easy to manage. I even didn't have to register, nor to create an account for future payments. A couple of clicks and the order is made. Very convenient!
Ian Wells
I chose the package of 20 likes on this site for my business promotion. I don't have any special remarks, just wanted to mention that the service is good as I could split the likes between my posts and not just buy 20 for one photo. That makes such option more valuable. I got all organically in a few hours maximum.
Peter Jackson