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  • After his experience, my friend suggested me this service as the cheapest way for the first boost for Instagram account that I’d just started for my business. I must say the result was instant, and I’ve got really active followers, something that I really needed. This was a good beginning and helped me with forming my first audience.

  • I’ve tried a couple of different sites, and I think this one offers the cheapest ig followers. I chose a package of 500, which were missing for the desirable boost needed for sponsorship. You pay on the site for the service much less than you get in return. Will definitely use it again for my other projects.
  • I lead on Instagram different campaigns, and even the pages with a big number of followers need to be always “updated”. What I like about this site (it’s not the first time I order here) is that you get real results. Previously I ordered here the creation of my website with parallax effect and they did my task perfectly. The followers are genuine and are added instantly. And they really don’t unfollow, as described on the site.
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How should I think of Live Views for Instagram and Who Buys Them on a Regular Basis?

Live sessions allow businesses and individual influencers to broadcast engaging content to anyone on the social media platform. They can drive followers, likes and overall social media presence. As your view counter increases, more IG users are likely to join your live stream and engage with your brand. 

If you happen to be an up-and-coming social media personality looking to become an Instagram influencer or a brand looking to appeal to a new target market or increase brand awareness, you should not waste any more time before purchasing IG live views. 

Why Instagram Live Views are so Crucial to Success and Why to Buying Them?

This is one of the most playful and interactive spread features. The live streaming function allows active users to listen in and watch a live stream of their favorite celebrity, brand or influencer and hear unfiltered thoughts about an endless variety of topics. From a streamer’s perspective, there is nothing better to drive engagement than increase the view count on IG Live. Instagram actually promotes and distributes live videos ahead of stories and other photo content which means that a top-ranked/highly viewed live video is more likely to draw the attention of potential new followers. 

What are the Advantages of Boosting Instagram Live Views to Get a Positive Promotion?

You can save a lot of time and effort that it would normally take to get engagement on a stream if your following is not riled up and established. In case you haven’t realized it already, a huge benefit of purchasing Insta views is that users who scroll through their feed or are prone to tuning in to a live broadcast are more likely to be shown your stream if there is already an established audience. A live following can help to increase brand awareness, appeal to new target markets, back the products that you promote, and boost your following to help reach long-term growth goals. You’ll never have to be concerned about starting up a stream to find absolutely nobody watching you, a worst-case scenario that can haunt a great deal of new influencers. 

Top Reasons to Buy Instagram Live Video Views on

It’s true, can offer you the opportunity to buy Instagram live views at a cheap rate as well as guarantee that your viewers originate from actual human associated accounts, not fakes or frauds. Real, verified accounts ensure that when you spend your hardly earned money to buy IG live viewers, the retention rates will be higher and you don’t have to worry about bots being banned by Instagram in the middle of your video. If you find yourself in the market to buy IG live views, you’ll have a hard time finding one that is more trustworthy than the website you’re on.

Can you explain to me in a few sentences how purchasing Instagram Live Video views works?

Purchasing only takes a few easy steps.

  • Select the package you need.
  • Provide us with the information for your account and the videos you want to increase viewership of.
  • Set up a method of payment. 
  • One of the final steps is providing us with an email address so that we can keep you updated the instant when more info is available from our site.
  • Just as fast as you are able to set up your next post or organize your next adventure, where within 24 hours you’ll be able to watch your live stream engagement increase and help promote your brand. This is the best part!

Is it always legal and what should I know before placing my order on the checkout page?

Unlike some services that make use of bots and other temporary accounts that are bound to get banned, we only provide real Instagram live views using real accounts.  You can rest easy knowing that your account won’t be banned by Instagram and that your viewers are legit and safe. Law enforcement won’t be coming after you for purchasing real live views on Instagram and neither will Instagram because of our proven methodology of generating the cheapest live video views.


How long from when my order is placed will I begin to see my views being delivered? 

Once a purchase is made, you’re almost on the finish line! It will depend on how many views you are buying, but we understand that anyone who is interested in buying live views for Instagram is going to want their engagement quick. No matter the size of your order, we will begin the delivery of the order within 24 hours instantly after you paid. 

Is it possible for a brand or user to Buy Instagram Live Viewers from a Specific or Far Away Targeted Country?

Our marketing efforts are not restricted by any borders. We are an international marketing company and can assist you in targeting viewers in India, the UK, the US, and any specific country depending on your target market. 

How much time can I presume an average viewer to spend watching my content on my stream?

Because the viewers that we are driving to your live stream are real accounts and there are no bots, the retention times are increased, giving organic viewers time to join before all of the watchers leave. Typically, a live stream viewer that is purchased for Insta will remain in the stream for 45-50 minutes. 

Can I make my final purchase with Appy Pay?  What about other Credit Cards?

To pay for more engagement, you can use the safest Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express credit card. Once you’ve been given a price, payment is easy. 

Can I expect the viewers to also click the like button on my videos, does that factor into the cost?

It’s not sure. The viewers can like the video as well, but it’s not in the cost. From the other side, quality views are valued more than likes, so you’ll already have good engagement results!


Let the worries of your personal or business account being banned drift away! The fact is, when you purchase through, we only use non-bot real accounts to boost your impressions and stream following which eliminates all of your risk.

If the first video that a new user tunes into is entertaining and interactive, the users will be more likely to follow your account and come back for future content. Moreover, if they see many views under your videos or streams, they will have more interest in staying.

The best time of the day to start up and share a live video is always going to be when the majority of your target market is available to view the stream, that’s when your plan is likely to work. If you are targeting a specific time zone, bulk of customers or country, you may have to adjust the time that you are typically streaming, especially if you plan to buy IG views to gain gradual new followers. 

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