Büro71 website development

The goal

Website for the company, which increases the efficiency of investments in commercial real estate.

Buro — originally the name of the calf, which snug sliding board the counter, and then — a special type of furniture, which appeared in France in the mid-17th century. Around the 18th century, it became the name of the office.

Bodoni font is a new style serif from 18th century. Example of usage:

Pattern of the grid is associated with a marking of construction drawings, as well as the construction of the grid is the logo.

Italic and color graphics introduce an element of frivolity and modernity:

Intermediate version of the site design
Investing in real estate is the exact calculation and stable growth.
These associations were laid down into site design and animation.
The site is further optimized for tablets, adjusts to the width and height of the browser screen.
  • Project management

    Nastya Sunnytarova

  • Designer

    Ann Roach

  • Frontend-programmers

    Dmitry Akimov

    Alexander Yakunichev