Development of Fair & Square Website


Frontend and backend development of real estate purchase, sell & rent service that is broker-free.

Joint work with Ten Times Better production team.
The service includes two major sections, both using unified database:

Real Estate Purchase

Animated info graphics on the main page is implemented with the help of vector graphics, CSS and jQuery.
Live Search is employed in order to show relevant search results as fast as possible.

Site management system is built from the scratch with focus on making interaction with database swift and comfortable.

For every flat, there is a flexible template with common measurements already set that can be easily edited. On the other hand, unique parameters of any flat can be added as well.

Real Estate Rent

In contrast with Purchase section, flat rent offers can be posted by visitors themselves.

The main cornerstone of F&S is no broker interference. In order to support the idea, agents can be filtered from the community by the self-regulation system based on visitor voting.
User Dashboard contains communication history, bookmarked flats as well as user info with confirmed social networking identity.
  • Project management

    Nastya Sunnytarova

  • Programmers

    Dmitry Eroshenko

    Dmitry Vorobiev

    Alexander Sushko