Hydrostroy Logo and Website


To develop a logo and website design for the construction company.

Hydrostroy is a company specializing in hydro engineering, so water and earth can be called the essentials of its work. That’s exactly what the new logo reflects: a hydroelectric dam silhouette enclosed in a circle and a wave symbolizing the company’s onward progress. The round shape of this logo is associated with the Earth’s astronomic shape, emphasizing the company’s ambitions for entering the international market.

We have used a series of complex elements, including the map-like interactive photo gallery, to design this website, which helped to strengthen the positive image of a solid and responsible company, bound to win.

Logo variants turned away by the client for this or that reason

Only the 4th variant of the website design was finally accepted by the client

  • Designer

    Andrey Gorin

  • Programmer

    Alexander Ermolov