Dental clinic "Toma"
Website and Logo


Design a logo and website for the company, that provides a full range of dental services.

Majority of existing dentistry sites look just the same: the same stock photographs, the same doctors in white coats and people with smiles 32 teeth wide. That similarity doesn't help to promote the brand at all. Even if site has all the info needed, the user will forget about it as soon as he closes the page, not to mention the site's clinic fading away from his memory in a matter of minutes.

Instead of tons of SEO-text and news which no one ever wants to read or template-ish design solutions, we have shown just what the user needs.

First of all, that's a list of services and pricing. We have additionally divided it according to different specializations of clinic and have devised unique design for each specialization.

Animated background was implemented with the help of WebGL technology. It provides a huge performance advancement as it is supported natively by browsers. The visitor percepts that just as flawless and neat transformation of intricate 3D scenes. It is something that really helps the visitor to feel high level of technology of the clinic, and that association will be surely connected with the company's brand.

By the way, Rotonda Bold fit well into the concept


We are sure that corporate site must have two essential features:

Providing the visitor
with required info

Helping in building the company's image and making it memorable

  • Director

    Alexander Ermolov

  • Designer

    Andrey Gorin

  • Programmer

    Dmitry Eroshenko