Logo design, corporate identity and website for indoor TV network "Vision Group"


Develop a system of logos, corporate identity and website for the company promotion.

Indoor TV is video channels for institutions. Their content matches the format of the place. Therefore, the company provides five directions: Club, Resto, Lady, Cafe, Fitness.

Channel logos used on television and viewed from a considerable distance. Therefore, we used simple shapes and fonts, color coding. Logos should be large, but not to cover content. Overall company logo is used on the site, letterhead and business cards. Connection between logos must clearly traced.

Approved version

Rejected logo versions

Website design concept was approved at once

For the emotional perception of the services we have added to the website abstract background video, for each direction

Модный канал для салонов красоты, spa и маникюрных салонов. Подчеркивает привлекательность и новые тренды отличительными рубриками ’Make up’, ’Beauty’ и ’Fashion’.
  • Director

    Alexander Ermolov

  • Project management

    Nastya Sunnytarova

  • Designer

    Andrey Gorin

  • Frontend-programmer

    Alexey Lapin