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Is it worth it to buy 300 Instagram followers and how can it benefit what you’re doing?

It is worth it, especially if you are looking to grow your presence on the platform of social media, promote a product and engage with a new audience. 300 Insta followers migrating to your channel is like a few hundred new customers walking through the door of a small business.  Whether you are just beginning your influencer channel or are looking for a small boost to keep you moving forward, HotDot.pro is the site for you.

How does buying 300 Instagram followers work and how should you expect the process to go once you have paid?

If you are ready to purchase a follower or several hundred from HotDot.pro, but are worried about the process, we are here to clear that up.  There is no password required to checkout and we will never put your account directly at risk with bots or inactive accounts.  When you decide to pay for cheap friends through our site, you will never have to worry about working with bots or about the quality of the followers you end up with.

Can you feel safe purchasing 300 active IG fans?

Yes, you can.  We only utilize genuine accounts to boost your following online.  If you find yourself checking out with one of our larger packages for business or for a personal account, keep in mind that we will always prioritize a gradual delivery if needed to keep your account safe.  While we can be fast, customer service and safety must come before instant delivery in some cases.

Why Hotdot.pro is the ideal option for purchasing 300 followers on Instagram?

There are other sites that will offer you more IG fans that can be delivered instantaneously, but they don’t take the work as seriously as our team does. While we value reliable and authentic follows (not bots), other companies you may find only care about the number of bots they can flood your account with. Our promise is that we can give you the cheapest fans without losing any of the respect you have built over the years. More organic IG followers for a great price? What is there to lose!

What will buying 300 legit new fans cost and will they be active?

Right now, for 300 high quality followers with unfollow protection will cost you less than $6.  That is a small price to pay to increase your presence online while also helping to keep your current audience engaged.  The best part is that the friends on IG that you will be inheriting are active, truly helping your page gain traction and popularity.

Here are a few easy steps you will need in order to buy 300 real Instagram followers

The first thing that you’ll have to do is specify which IG channel you would like to really grow.  Once you’ve provided us with that info and chosen the package that you think will work well for what you are trying to accomplish, all that’s left is processing your credit card and quick delivery.  We can take Visa and can work with customers all over the globe, including countries such as the US, the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria and more.



Are the fans from HotDot.pro any good?

If you are creating targeted content for a specific audience, an extra few hundred followers from a site like HotDot.pro can go a long way.  Because the fans you will receive after placing your order with us are, genuine, real, and not bots, you will notice a spike in your engagement!

How long does it take to place my order?

Once you decide that you want to increase your following on Instagram, placing an order on our site may take just a few minutes.  We try our best to make the process as simple as possible so that anyone can check out without much trouble at all.

When should I expect the friends to be delivered?

The answer to this question truly depends on the size package that you end up choosing.  For some of our smaller follower options, you should expect delivery in a few hours.  For a few of the larger packages, a day or two is about as long as it will take for all of the users to trickle in.

Thank you! With new 300 friends my account looks more active.
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