HotDot team is a group of experts in IT solutions development.
Constant growth and self-improvment are always in our focus.

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“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Rob Siltanen
Do it without doubt or hesitation! Every member of our team believes they can change the world and their contributions matter. Our focus since 2006, thanks to our founder Alexander, has been to successfully intersect new technologies and design into one whole. Over time, we decided to add promotion in popular social networks to this combination as well. All the time we are trying to achieve more and create something more than just a project. Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see.
Meet our team!
The most valuable part of our company is our team of more than 25 specialists with extensive experience in a wide range of technologies.
Toby Lambert
CEO Toby is the leader, who is responsible for solving major issues and teamwork. Every day and every minute he makes sure that all development processes work smoothly and without failures. He is the main ideologue and enthusiast who is responsible for the overall success of the project.
Dana Meskill
Digital Marketing Director Our marketing team, led by Dana, works hard every day to develop HotDot, interacting with both current and potential partners, as well as the audience engaged with the project. They do advertising and social media promotion for our clients. The team evaluates what matters to them now and what will matter to them in the future?
Zachary Hodgson
Sofware Developer The department Zachary leads is the brains behind the team – a group of experienced developers, all of whom are experts in fields such as programming and design. Using their unique vision and realizing their talents and skills they created our service in such a way that it was not only convenient but also functional.