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  • Adam Norris
    I'm a novice in here! I didn't even know the difference between the gradual likes and others. Fortunately I found this site first! I later discovered gradual likes are even better and more reliable. My package arrived on time
    Adam Norris
  • Jenna Holland
    Mind that you won't have a PayPal option to pay with here. I consider it more reliable, so please think about this option. But in terms of delivery, all was correct, good, on time, etc. So apart from a payment option, I wouldn't have any negative sides.
    Jenna Holland
  • Shelley Smith
    I chose this site because they sell genuine likes which is not always the case. I had the issue with bots previously, so I know what I likes were delivered gradually between 5 posts I indicated specifically to test this site. So, all is good.
    Shelley Smith
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Slow Delivery Instagram Likes and Why Purchasing Them Is Essential

IG likes are an incredibly efficient and intelligent way to increase positive engagement and are considered one of many important pieces to the growth for any social media page. Whether you have just created an IG page today or are trying to grow an existing page you started several years ago, more encouragement in the form of hearts is a great way to show a new group of potential viewers and social media users that your content is top-notch.

Instagram likes with gradual delivery will:

  • Increase engagement
  • Provide fast results
  • Helps to build your following
  • Won’t appear suspicious
  • Be always safe

Who is Typically the Target Customers for Companies Selling Hearts?

Millions of social media users across the countries and the world are in the market to purchase gradual likes for Instagram, including:

  • Social media personalities striving to prove that they have an engaged audience and will be the right fit for a brand partnership or other paid deal.
  • New users that have just begun using Instagram and want to create positive engagement and buy IG likes. 
  • Companies and corporations who want to attract a new target market.

The Easy Steps You Can Take to Buy Cheap Likes on Instagram with Slow Delivery

If you’ve been searching for a trustworthy site that also happens to be the cheapest way to buy gradual approval, look no further. There is no doubt that gradual endorsement is more beneficial for a brand long-term than instant hearts or engagement that may be targeted by the app. At we are excited to offer bundles beginning at 25 or 40 near-instant hearts, all the way up to 10,000 gradual hearts and more!

Follow the simple steps below to get your page on the right track moving forward:

  • Select the package that fall into your buying budget
  • Provide info about the relevant IG account you’d like to boost and Instagram photos / photo
  • Set up a credit card, debit card (such as Visa, Mastercard), Google or Apple Pay for payment. We also propose to pay with Discover, American Express and Bitcoin.
  • An email is required to confirm your order
  • All that’s left to do is sit back and relax while your order starts to be delivered within a 24-hour period

What is the Most Convenient Way for me to Buy Gradual Instagram Likes and What Happens When I Do?

When you buy a slow adding option, we’ll help you build positive marketing engagement with real humans using our proven approach to social media and IG, spreading the adoration for all photos you choose.

In order to ensure that Instagram never becomes suspicious and that an account ban is never in the question, real IG likes that are purchased are then delivered slowly over a few days. 

Any hearts that are purchased from are 100% genuine and can even be spread easily among multiple pictures! We never use bots, misrepresented users or other counterfeit/bogus accounts that are likely to be identified and banned by Instagram. 

What is the Best Source for an average consumer to Buy Likes on IG Without Compromising Quality?  What are the advantages of choosing a website like

You are already on the best site with engagement for sale, especially if you want it to be affordable and quality! When you buy Instagram likes for cheap from you can be sure that every like is coming from a real, active user.

We also provide a guarantee for 100 days called “refund and refill” in case you don’t receive on time what you ordered, even though this should not be a case.

How Many Dollars Does It Cost to Buy Slow Instagram Likes?

We offer a tiered pricing that allows you to choose exactly the level of service you prefer, no order under 25 is too small and no order is ever too large. There are cheap packages and also big packages for our customers who are looking to grow their page quickly with cheap IG likes. 

Can I Purchase Real Instagram Hearts Safely?

Yes, through you can buy cheap Instagram likes without having to ever worry about the platform banning your personal or business account. We have developed a slow drip process that allows you to buy real likes without having to worry about a massive influx that raises suspicions. 


Our service is created in a way that you provide only the link to the account where you want genuine hearts to be added. That means you can absolutely purchase high quality Instagram likes not only for you, but also for whatever account you wish. We add the amount you order to the account you indicate in the link without checking if that’s yours. 

There is absolutely nothing that is illegal about our method of boosting your engagement through the cheapest Instagram likes. You do not have to worry about getting into trouble with law enforcement or Instagram.

When you purchase any of the uniquely gradual bundles of adoration from our site you never have to worry about our team mistakenly losing your information. We keep your personal information safe, away from the eyes of the public and the moderators of Insta. Our process is hassle-free and ensures that your personal and financial information is always secure.

We receive requests to split hearts between several photos all of the time, it is not a problem! When you are in the process of purchasing cheap likes through our site you should be prepared to provide the information relating to your Insta page as well as the pictures that you would prefer your order to be distributed amongst.

Per our established organizational procedure our team slowly adds likes to your pictures or for each post, IG doesn’t stand a chance of detecting the fact that you are purchasing anything, even if more IG reactions appear under your posts. As a result, the growth of your page will appear natural to other companies, other users, and even marketing experts.

Yes, we are extremely proud to be selling internationally! You can decide to purchase any package if you live in the United States, UK, Australia, Nigeria, India or a number of other countries. There is no better way to increase your engagement than purchasing likes through our site.

Gradual likes will ensure organic increase of traffic on your side and will not cause any suspicions. This way, the activity on your page will look more authentic no matter the matter of likes you purchase. We understand just how difficult it is for some companies who are not as experienced with social media to organically grow their social media influence or online exposure which is why we are focused on making it easy for you and as real as possible.

We are constantly expecting our customers to have questions, some of which we may not have covered on our website. If at any point you have an issue or are confused about one of our offerings, please feel free (do not hesitate) to call our 24/7 customer support team.

Because our marketing team understands how important quick delivery is, all of our packages, no matter the size, begin to be delivered within 24 hours of your order being placed. Even our largest packages of affordable and cheap Instagram like take only a couple of days to deliver fully.

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