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  • After his experience, my friend suggested me this service as the cheapest way for the first boost for Instagram account that I’d just started for my business. I must say the result was instant, and I’ve got really active followers, something that I really needed. This was a good beginning and helped me with forming my first audience.
  • I’ve tried a couple of different sites, and I think this one offers the cheapest ig followers. I chose a package of 500, which were missing for the desirable boost needed for sponsorship. You pay on the site for the service much less than you get in return. Will definitely use it again for my other projects.
  • I lead on Instagram different campaigns, and even the pages with a big number of followers need to be always “updated”. What I like about this site (it’s not the first time I order here) is that you get real results. Previously I ordered here the creation of my website with parallax effect and they did my task perfectly. The followers are genuine and are added instantly. And they really don’t unfollow, as described on the site.
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Instagram has been on a steady but fast growth. It is now the second among the social media networks that have the most popularity. Some would argue that it surpasses Facebook in terms of demand. With that, Instagram became a very important resource to use for impressive marketing campaigns.

So what are some of the benefits you will gain with the purchase of Instagram friends?

  • Improvement of public credibility. One benefit worth mentioning is increased credibility that the audience may have towards your account or for the business you lead.  When the account has many followers, people may think that there are many people who like what you post or like your business as a whole.</li>
  • Bigger exposure. When you buy cheap IG followers, it ensures a lot of social media exposure which can lead to increased traffic and possible increased income depending on whether you have a business or personal profile. Instagram is a fast growing social media that constantly develops and implements new features. One of these newest features is Hashtags which give you a chance to have people see your posts when they are searching for certain hashtags or keywords. Adding the right number of friends can bring you a good engagement through comments and likes.
  • Presence on the networks. Once you buy real followers for Instagram account, you will see that quite often they also follow verified accounts on other platforms such as Twitter. This would increase your chances of getting in front of the right people because people will already be familiar with your posts.
  • More realistic view on your brand. You can be confident that you are providing a more realistic view to people who do not know or follow you yet. They will be able to see the exposure on your page if they also take time to check other accounts that follow your profile.
  • Increase in sales. Having more IG followers doesn’t only mean better credibility, but also a potential increase in sales

In summary, there are so many reasons why it is useful for you to get real Instagram followers for cheap. They would increase traffic towards your website or page, and your products may become popular.

Is it costly to buy Instagram followers?

You can buy Instagram friends for your account with as little as $1.29. The price that’s affordable for everyone, isn’t it?

It will however depend on the amount of subs you need and how fast you want them. 

If you are willing to invest more than the cheapest price, for example about $60, you can get up to 5,000 fans in one package for your account and it only takes a few days before your order gets completed and delivered, quite quick!

Where can you buy cheap Instagram followers and why is the best site for it?

The fastest and most convenient way buying Instagram followers for cheap prices is on Hot dot that is considered low-priced. You can really purchase followers for your IG account with as little as $1.29 and up to 20,000 fans ($239.89) paid in one package within a matter of days. With over 5 million packages sold worldwide, our site is the cheapest place that has gained the trust of over 200,000 organic customers. 

We have been vetted for quality, and are committed to provide quality service to our customers. Since we have been around for years, we will never ever let our customers down! And if there should be any issues with your purchase, we will also take care of them immediately!

Here’s how to purchase Instagram followers

  1. Choose how many users you want to purchase – this ranges from 10 IG friends up to 20,000 that can be slowly added to the account.
  2. Write down the link of your Instagram account.
  3. Complete your payment with one of the available options (debit, credit card, Apple, Google Pay etc.)  – this is secure, legal, instant, and fast!
  4. After you pay for, your fans will be delivered in a couple of hours or days, depending on your package.

No, you need to give no password on your account or any other access in order to get fans.

Yes! This procedure does not violate any Instagram terms of use.

Yes! Buying IG engagement is safe. On our source we have never and will never compromise the high quality and the safety of our customers!

All our Instagram fans are 100% real and come from active accounts. We do not provide bots and all our subscribers are sourced from real people only!

You can get more than 20,000 if you place a bulk order. Followers in bigger packages will also be delivered faster if you opt for Express Delivery. Contact our support for more information.

Because all of our users come from active accounts, we make sure that they are highly engaged with no drops after a while. However, as with all real subscribers, you can never predict who will stay with your account forever.

Since the users that you will be getting are real, without losing your overall IG engagement, they can even bring you more traffic. It can however be gradual, as with all new people on your site.

Yes! We also provide confidential and secure delivery of your order.

No! Buying real IG subscribers is 100% safe and Instagram will never find out about it.

Because we provide followers sourced from real people and we use no bots or software to post for you, there’s a guarantee that you won’t be banned on Instagram.

It depends on your account type (business vs personal) and how popular you want your account to be at the end of your order. They can also be spread. 

For most customers, it is easier to buy followers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, because we have the most reliable and fastest delivery services there. Also, the prices are often cheaper than in other parts of the world.

Our service provides only authentic and legit IG fans. We don’t offer fake followers or bots!

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the money can be refunded to your card/bank account within 30 days of receiving your order.

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